Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Discussion: Favorite Childhood Holiday Books!


I think that some heartfelt seasonal nostalgia is in order! I know that one of the biggest contributing factors to a great Christmas for me as a child, was reading my favorite holiday books! Here are a few of them that I still have, cherish, and read right before opening up presents! Now, I always have read the really mainstream Christmas stories but I do remember having a little anthology Christmas Storybook that had all of these special and unique stories I loved.

The Gift of the Magi
The Gift of the Magi was always one of my favorite stories, of course I couldn't exactley comprehend O'Henry when I was a kid so my mom explained the story to me and then we'd watch the film.

My father has made the Grinch my favorite, it's his all time favorite Christmas Story and I still get chills when I watch it. I love this story, such great lessons and it's DR. SEUSS! (Whom I share a birthday with.)
The Snowman
I loved the silent movie and when I read the book I fell in love!
The Twelve Days of Christmas
I loved singing the Twelve Days of Christmas, of course!
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph is one of my all time favorite children's stories. Rudoph is great, teaching kids about how you should treat anybody that might be "different." <3
Frosty the Snow Man
Frosty's a great story and always made my cry!

This book's illustrations were mesmerizing and the movie brought it all to life, LOVE this classic!
The Night Before Christmas
To this day my mother and I read this every night before Christmas, tradition! <3
The Mitten
I thought this story was hilarious! I loved all of Jan Brett's stories.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
An instant classic! Charlie Brown always manages to capture every holiday in a special way, it's a joy to read and watch this story!
OF COURSE I have a TON more, but these are the top ones. I hope you enjoyed and got to thinking about your childhood. Never let it go :)
What are your favorite Holiday Reads?

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