Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer and Novel News!!!

Okay, I have a few things I'd like to mention today!:)

Firstly: Summer. Freaking. Reading.
Yes, I've finally come to terms with Summer and realized it is here. And my list for the summer to read is... NOT IN ORDER:

His Fair Assasin Series
Lorien Legacies
Ship Breaker
City of the Snakes
Gone Series
Chaos Walking
The Hunt
The Host
Battle Royale
Mortal Instruments
Under the Never Sky
Lord of the Flies
Daughter of Smoke and Bone

And a hell of a LOT more.

What's your summer reading!?!?

Besides that, my dear friend over at www.prettydeadlyreviews.blogspot.com is kind enough to help me out with my blog and possibly give me the oppurtunity to read PRODIGY before it comes out! Believe me, all other books would be on hold and i'd read Prodigy, I'd just have to!!!
And of course, you would get a review for it. XD

Also. I competed in Nanowrimo for my second time this year, met amazing people, and WON.


And basically, I'm done the book now. I wanted it to be 100,000 words, and right now it's around 96000. ITS CRAZY.

I'm two chapters and an epilogue from finishing.
At this point, I'm super excited and can't wait to be done so I can go to Staples and print my first copy, that way I can read it, and have it in my hands and just be all sappy about it. But then I'll have to rewrite, revise, edit, and compeltely fix it about 3285296235963 times. :/

But who cares. I'm still excited!!!