Friday, November 1, 2013

BOOK HAUL: 13 Books!

Today I went to an amazing used bookstore and bought 17 Books!

Here are the books with their original price value:

A Dance With Dragons: $35
The Handmaid's Tale: $15
Pulse: $20
Unwind: $10
Wool: $20
Flashback: $15
The Scorch Trials: $20
Demon Thief: $10
Slawter: $20
Bec: $20
Demon Apocalypse: $ 20
Death's Shadow: $20
Wolf Island: $20

Altogether that is: $245

AND I GOT IT ALL FOR $70!!!!!!!! WOOT.

I was SO happy with the books I got and ahhhh there's even more there I want!
Too bad I had to compromise some Christmas Books, but TOTALLY worth it.

Going to Barnes and Nobles so maybe a Barnes and Nobles Adventure Post tomorrow!

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