Friday, June 29, 2012


Holy Shit. There are a TON of new covers!!!!
With Sequels to many (mostly dystopian) YA books coming out in 2013, there's a crazy amount of cover reveals. Here they are:

This is a remade cover of Arson, and I personally LOVE IT. I really want this book now....

This is Whisper, the sequel to The Roar. I never read The Roar but it seems interesting and I love this new cover.

This isn't that new, but still worth mentioning, it's for the Gone series and is the finale, I have yet to read the Gone series. Which should be damn called the Fayz Sequence or something.

This is the sequel to Ashfall...which I hate. I never read it but ugh, it stole MY story idea, no big deal I guess though. Anyways, this title is terrible. The cover's great but I hate the title. Honestly, Ashfall, then Ashen Winter? Why not Ashfrost or Ashfreeze, that'd make a hell lot more sense.

Sequel to Enclave, which I must read, pretty awesome cover!

Sequel to Ashes, which I must read. Cool cover, same theme.

Final book in the Crusade series..h.mmm i like it! Never read them though, but I do own Crusade.

Third book of The Heroes of Olympus. Wow...I LOVE THIS.

Final book in the Tiger Saga, I think that's what its called.

EEEEP! COVER OF FINALE <333333 God...Finale...sucha horrible name:(

Third book in the Wither series, cool cover!

Never read them but im currently reading Delirium. Eh, this cover's alright, compared to the first two which were a lot more beautiful.

I'm not sure this is the final cover but I hope so, it's kind of AWESOME. Sequel to Starters btw.

Second book of the Newsoul series, sequel to Incarnate. So beautiful:)


This cover is AMAZING! I must read Unwind already.

OMG PRODIGY<3 I love this cover so much, glad it stuck with the theme.

UK cover of Zom-B, I hate the US one, so terrible...:(

Sequel to Under the Never Sky. Hm...I might make a fan cover for the third since I'm guessing it'll be called Above the Forever Light or something.

Sequel to Article 5. Love the cover and that the theme is the same, but eh...the title. It's a great title but I mean. Article 5 and then Breaking Ponit. Hm..

Awesome cover for the sequel to Dark Inside. Looks very Video-game-esque lol.

I HAVENT EVEN FINISHED PARTIALS BUT IM EXCITED FOR THIS. I really ought to finish Partials, I'm hearing the best thing about it. As well as Under the Never Sky.

Third book of matched. The cover's alright. I don't like her hair all that much, and ugh...Idk. I might just be mad at the series since I hated Crossed so much...and refuse to finish it.

This cover is GORGEOUS. I need to buy the new Shatter Me cover but must wait:(((

EEEP! CANNOT WAIT. Epic cover.

Not a new cover but an awesome one. I love it so much and am SOOOOOOO excited.

The. Rise. Of. Nine. Cover. Is. Epic. I should really finish the Power of Six, but that damn Convent is so boring...

This is so cool!!!!<3

Wow...I really should read Variant. This is just amazing.

Sequel gosh I forget. Something with an O in it somewhere...GLOW. OMG GLOW :D

I NEED TO READ THE FREAKING DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. That cover is just drop dead GORGEOUS. So beautiful I can't even believe it.

So that's it, I think they're all pretty AWESOME!!! HBU???

Tell me about other covers  I missed, or if you're excited. Thanks! <3


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